Fragrance launch: SEΛENE

Manos Gerakinis new fragrance:


Visiting Athens, let alone growing up in the city, one cannot miss the orange blossom trees that spread across” says Manos Gerakinis, founder and creative director. “In their blooming season, their scent is intoxicating and addictive. During the summer time, nature becomes the greatest perfumer as the orange blossom (neroli) from the trees is mixed in the atmosphere with the night jasmine, which is also at full bloom. This magical night veil under the moonlight was the creative vision for the fragrance, SEΛENE”.

A plethora of diverse aromas that magically merge into one, as if fused together by the moonlight: citrus tree blossoms and leaves, serene woods, and night-blooming jasmine from the neighbouring trees and gardens, a delicious note of praline evoking the sweet treats that are being enjoyed while watching a movie under the stars, along with a musky, sensuous cloud echoing an ideal, warm and breezy, Athenian summer night.

SEΛΕΝΕ (pronounced “Se-lee-nee”) is named after the eponymous ancient Greek mythological figure, the Titanian goddess of the moon, who was imagined driving her chariot across the heavens.

Perfumer: Christina Koutsoudaki

Μanos Gerakinis, following the successful collaborations with perfumers Chris Maurice and Miguel Matos, joint forces with Greek-born Senior Perfumer and Council Member at the British Society of Perfumers, Christina Koutsoudaki. Motivated by her profound respect for ethnic and cultural diversity and the protection of the environment, her academic chemistry background helped Christina obtain a more thorough understanding of the perfumer’s palette.

 Christina, says about SΕΛΕΝΕ: “My vision for this fragrance was to capture the essence of the moon (SEΛΕΝΕ) which is bright and shiny, yet dark and mysterious. The streets of Athens are full of bitter orange trees, and during their blooming period, their captivating scent fills up the air and makes my heart smile. There is nothing more enchanting than spending a hot summer night under the stars, in open air, wrapped around beautiful scents of trees and flowers.”



14 January 2024