Les Salons Littéraires at Fondazione


Manos Gerakinis is guest of G. T. Karambelas at Fondazione Kifissia, Athens, in an introduction to the relationship between scent and memory.

Introduction to perfumery, the importance of scent, the power it has on memory and the way it affects us emotionally was the topic of discussion in a special event, on Monday October 3rd at the Fondazione, in the third action of Les Salons Litteraires which creatively revived the atmosphere of the literary salons under a modern eye.

Manos Gerakinis took the audience on a journey on perfume creation from Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, to Versailles and to the emblematic contemporary perfume houses leading the public to magical world of perfume while introducing the basic terms of perfumery and the structure of an scent.

“Perfume, Manos Gerakinis noted, is a lost art where instead of paints or words, the perfumer mixes emotions, memories, ingredients, nature herself.”

04 November 2022