Athenian Essence Luxury candle

Athenian Essence is a fresh and contemporary luxury candle.  Ancient Greeks regarded the bitter orange as the golden apple of Esperides, a far East harvest that inspired myths. In Athens alone, over 35,000 bitter orange trees imbue their blossomed fragrance into the old city under the hill of Acropolis. These gold fruits unite the past with the present initiating Athenian Essence.

Athenian Essence is a 100%  soy candle handmade in Greece.

Weight: 145 gr.

price: 60

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Values & Philosophy

  • Deluxe Quality
  • Craftsmanship into every single detail
  • High Ethical Values: Honesty, Fairness, Integrity & Trust
  • Against Animal Testing / Cruelty-free
  • Environmentally Friendly / Plant based alcohol
  • Made with love in Greece

The only real luxury is Time, Make yours Memorable

MANOS GERAKINIS PARFUMS is a luxury Greek niche perfume house.
Our fragrances blend tradition, craftsmanship, art, poetry and extravagance to indulge the senses.

MANOS GERAKINIS PARFUMS in its 8 years of presence has successfully placed Greece on the international map of perfumery with points of sale in 17 countries, including the USA, the UK, Italy, Israel, Belgium,Brazil, and Kuwait. Our perfume house offering includes 9 luxury fragrances, one of which is a collectible. In 2022, two of our fragrances made it to  the finalist for Art & Olfaction Awards (Omen) and Fragrance Foundation UK (Anthem).




In the heart of Athens lays a magical place where one can explore hidden emotions, memories and be inspired.

B2B by appointment only.

23 Imittou Str., Cholargos, P.C.155 61,
Athens, Greece

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