Designed by our founder, Manos Gerakinis, and realised in Soufli, a Greek town renowned for its long tradition of sericulture and skilled silk artisans, our scarves are the epitome of quality and luxury. Hand-made and hand-rolled, they are made of silk twill, the most dense and durable of all silk fabrics. Fabulously lustrous, soft and breathable, our scarves have the drapability, lightness and breathability that only the finest silk can provide. They are bound to upgrade any outfit and subtly carry your favorite fragrance by contact with your skin.

Manos conceived the ELEMENTS design as a composition that captures a circular flow of positive energy. For that, he incorporated meaningful symbols and patterns, among which a central mandala flower (symbol of the cycle of life) surrounded by a series of meanders (beloved decorative patterns in ancient Greece), octagonal shapes (alluding to number 8, his lucky number and inversed symbol of infinity), and our brand logo (inspired by the Delphic Epsilon) in each corner. The ELEMENTS LIGHT color variation, with its bright, joyful yellow contrasting with deep, dramatic black and touches of white and gray, is a tribute to the sun’s golden, life-giving light, a perennial source of vitality and optimism.

Silk Twill Square Scarf available in two sizes (90cm x 90cm and 45cm x 45cm) and a silk pillow case 40cm x 40cm. Dry clean only.