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Story & Philosophy

Manos Gerakinis creations are a bigger reflection of history, feelings, passion, art and social change. In a journey of self-expression, our world consists of perfumes, home fragrances, silk accessories and art.

The journey starts with Manos Gerakinis through his childhood memories in Kavala, Greece along with the story of his family originating from Istanbul. His memories of the cultivation of saffron, tobacco, labdanum and honey amongst others, his natural talent for painting as well as history, philosophy and culture are the founding stones of the brand.

The journey continues in London, where Manos Gerakinis resides for more than a decade and travels around the world while working in luxury. He develops an exquisite taste and sophistication, an eye for detail and a deep appreciation of the arts and craftsmanship. During the following years, new images and feelings are added; traveling enriches the experience with the true meaning of life by exploring the senses and appreciating pure beauty.


Manos Gerakinis Parfums, the first niche luxury Greek perfume house explores the values of life and different cultures. Our purpose is to embrace Individuality and so we break the boundaries, floating between the East and the West, the male and the female, the simplicity and the extravagance

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In 2020, Manos Gerakinis launched a luxury home fragrance collection that consists of handmade, vegan, environmentally friendly and 100% soy candles. Staying true to his artistic nature, every year Manos Gerakinis introduces a limited edition fragrance.

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Silk Accessories

The experience becomes multisensory by adding silk scarves and accessories to the collection, to further enrich the olfactory journey with sight and touch. Designed by Manos Gerakinis himself and produced in Soufli , Greece, known internationally for the quality of their silks, we aim to provide high quality items that blend the arts with the senses.

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In his pursue of self-expression, Manos Gerakinis took more than seven years of private painting lessons with artist Carita Schmidt. In 2020, his paintings made their debut to Saatchi Gallery in London. Contemporary and enigmatic, his art reflects a positive attitude towards modern life.

Manos Gerakinis at Saatchi Gallery

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