The only real luxury is Time.

Make yours fragrantly memorable.



Fragrance launch: SEΛENE, a co-creation with perfumer Christina Koutsoudaki.

Awards:  Meθexis, Fragrance Foundation UK Finalist (Independent Category)

New points of sales: China, Mexico, Spain (Barcelona)



Fragrance launch: Meθexis, a co-creation with perfumer Chris Maurice.

Awards:  Anthem, Fragrance Foundation UK Finalist (Perfume Extraordinaire)

Omen, Art & Olfaction Award Finalist (Independent Category)

New points of sales: Israel, Germany, USA (Cleveland),

Opening of Manos Gerakinis Showroom Athens (by appointment only)



Fragrance launch: Anthem, a co-creation with perfumer Chris Maurice.

Scarves: The launch of a silk accessories collection. The experience becomes multi-sensory with the addition of silk scarves that further enrich the olfactory journey with touch.

Collaborations: Giorgos Stathopoulos designed the Limited edition packaging of Anthem.

Supporting a good cause: The creation and launch of the Wish Come True candle for Make-a-Wish Greece.

New points of sales: Italy, Australia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Spain, USA (New York)


Fragrance launch: Omen, a co-creation with perfumer Miguel Matos.

Home Collection: The launch of a 100% soy candle collection handmade in Greece. The experience becomes multi-sensory with the addition of candles that further enrich the olfactory journey with sight.

New points of sales: USA (Philadelphia), Brazil, Turkey, UK (Bristol), Albania, Belgium, Turkey


First Greek brand to participate at Esxence, The Art Perfumery Exhibition in Milan.

New points of sales: Greece (Athens)


Fragrance launch: Rose Poetique


Launch of the Heritage Collection: A series of fragrances inspired by Greek history/mythology, based on ingredients found in Greek nature.

Fragrance launch: Immortelle

Fragrance launch: Pivoine



Launch of The Private Collection: A series of fragrances which, like Greece, are a melting pot of cultures, people and ingredients.

Fragrance launch: Quintessence

New points of sales: Greece (Mykonos, Santorini)



Manos Gerakinis, the first Greek luxury niche perfume brand, was founded in 2014. It all started a year earlier, with our founder and creative director’s wish to create a bespoke fragrance for himself. During the process, he opted for the most exquisite raw materials for what was meant to be a statement fragrance with a strong personality. Quality, artistry, and longevity became key values of the brand, whose products are already available for sale in 17 countries (including Greece, USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, and Kuwait).

Eventually named “Sillage Royal“, and having taken more than nine months to complete, Manos decided to make this head-turning fragrance available to everyone; it would be the first release of his Perfume House. It was the beginning of a creative journey that has led to more supreme-quality fragrances, precious limited editions, important artistic collaborations, and undiminished passion for envisioning the perfumes to come. The experience of Manos Gerakinis’s universe is becoming increasingly multisensory: next to the beautiful perfumes, the House also proposes high-quality candles and fine silk scarves, enriching the olfactory journey with sight and touch.