We are happy to announce that our latest Eau de Parfum MEΘEXIS has just been named a Finalist at the 2023 Fragrance Foundation UK Awards (Independent Category)!
Composed by master perfumer Chris Maurice, MEΘEXIS owes its name to an ancient Greek word that signifies the communication between the senses and the ideas, the human and the divine. Unmistakably gourmand while being infinitely elegant, it pairs the aroma of succulent figs with that of luscious honey. The ambrosial experience is completed by delectable dried fruits, and generous sprinkles of cocoa and cinnamon. A balancing base of sparkling amber, airy musk, and earthy elements ensures that the perfume’s epicurean and sensual aspects go hand in hand with sophistication.

Available in 100ml bottle, 10ml travel spray, or as part of our 8×3ml discovery set, MEΘEXIS awaits you to try it!

12 April 2023