George Stathopoulos x Manos Gerakinis

The completion of 200 years since the Greek revolution inspires the 21st century with the meeting of art and perfumery. Thus, a painter and a perfumer meet and unite through a limited edition fragrance that speaks of freedom. Perfumer Chris Maurice and creative director Manos Gerakinis meet George Stathopoulos and create a limited edition fragrance inspired by the freedom, bravery and independence.  G. Stathopoulos’s birds decorate the packaging and the edition is signed by the artist.

George Stathopoulos, Greece’s popular artist, has been associated with the Greek sun, the Attic landscape, the Greek light and also the melodies of Manos Hadjidakis. Manos Hatzidakis himself, referring to the art of the great painter and the recognizable birds he chooses as a subject, often spoke about his ability to persistently record contemporary despair, “which automatically becomes national” highlighting how modern and national at the same time it can be.

This optimistic view of the well-known artist comes together with the vision of Manos Gerakinis, uniting two different arts. The revolution as an internal and external approach unites two spaces that are seemingly not connected as they concern different senses but at the same time address the modern “revolutionary” man.

04 March 2021